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Woman Awarded $20 Million in Pelvic Mesh Case

Medical products and devices are often used in surgical procedures and other medical treatments. In some cases, these devices can save lives. However, sometimes these devices can be dangerous and may result in more serious injuries than the injuries they are used to treat.

Pelvic mesh, sometimes called vaginal mesh or surgical mesh, is a medical device that is used in procedures to support repairing weakened or damaged tissue. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned of complications associated with surgical mesh when placed in the vagina.

In some cases, the mesh can erode and cause patients pain, infection, bleeding, and other issues. Pelvic mesh implants became common a decade ago to treat urinary incontinence, or involuntary leakage of urine. Many women experience a condition in which the bladder and other organs, weakened by childbirth, sag over time, causing incontinence. In recent years, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of pelvic mesh, by women alleging they were harmed by the implants.

Jury Finds Johnson & Johnson Liable, Awarding Plaintiff $20 Million

According to one news source, last month, a jury in Philadelphia found Johnson & Johnson liable for a woman’s injuries after she received a pelvic mesh implant and sustained serious injuries as a result. The jury awarded her $20 million—$2.5 million in compensatory damages and $17.5 million in punitive damages.

The woman had vaginal mesh implanted to relieve urinary incontinence. However, the mesh failed after just one month, and the woman started to have pain and discomfort when the mesh started to erode inside her body. She claimed the product caused her chronic pain and required her to undergo multiple surgeries. However, despite the surgeries, not all of the shards of mesh were able to be removed, and some remained in her abdomen.

The woman argued that the mesh was defective. She also claimed that Johnson & Johnson had hidden the risks of the product from consumers. She alleged that by the time the product launched, the company already had multiple complaints about it. After the verdict, the woman said she was happy that justice was served and that she could be a voice for other women. One of the woman’s attorneys said that the jury verdict sent a message to the company that it needed to take responsibility for its actions. Two other verdicts in Philadelphia have resulted in jury awards of $12.5 million and $13.5 million to plaintiffs.

Contact a Knowledgeable Product Liability Attorney

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