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Hidden Camera Shows Nursing Home Aides Abusing 93-Year-Old Resident

Americans are living longer today than in the past, which means that many families are forced to place a loved one under the care of a nursing home. Unfortunately, not all residents receive the care they deserve at nursing homes. Some residents are not sufficiently fed or cleaned, and some are subject to serious abuse, including starvation and sexual abuse. In addition, due to age and/or mental impairments, nursing home residents often are unable to report abuse.

Many nursing home cases result from negligent care of residents, but some cases arise from intentional abuse from staff. In cases in which a person acts with the intent to cause harmful or offensive contact with another person, and contact results, it constitutes battery. Assault also results in most cases, which arises from the person’s apprehension of imminent contact. In cases of intentional abuse from a nursing home staff member, assault and battery can often easily be established with the right evidence. However, it can be difficult to prove abuse in nursing home cases, because the abuse usually occurs outside the presence of independent witnesses, and residents are often developmentally impaired and cannot explain what occurred.

Abuse from Nursing Home Aides Exposed in Hidden Camera

According to one news article, two nursing home aides were recently accused of abusing a 93-year-old nursing home resident. The report indicated that family members became suspicious after the 93-year-old great-grandmother began getting defensive when people tried to change her. She was also observed to be uncharacteristically nervous around women. The abuse was revealed after the family installed a hidden camera in her room. The video showed the aides tossing the resident into her wheelchair, threatening her, and pulling her hair. The two aides were 61 years old and 49 years old. They were charged with assault and battery on a person over the age of 60, and both of the aides were fired.

A spokesperson for the facility said, “upon hearing this deeply upsetting news, we moved swiftly to terminate the two employees involved, conduct a full investigation and work with the authorities.” The representative continued by assuring the public that they had brought in a counselor as a means of providing support to the resident and her family. The spokesperson said that the facility also plans to re-educate their staff on “appropriate and compassionate patient care”, while at the same time acknowledging the gravity of the situation by referencing it as “heartbreaking”.

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