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JUUL Update: Altria Agrees to Settle for $235 M


Altria Group Incorporated is a tobacco corporation that is based in the United States but operates worldwide. As a leader in the tobacco industry, Altria has faced scrutiny and lawsuits regarding the known health effects that tobacco products have. E-cigarettes have been no exception. Altria Group Inc. formerly invested in Juul Labs Incorporated– a company that is widely known for its e-cigarettes. However, Juul has been accused of marketing its products to teenage demographic groups and causing an epidemic of vaping among teens. Therefore, Altria’s investment in Juul has been a topic of discussion and concern. They have faced lawsuits for their involvement and have recently agreed to settle for $235 million. If you or a loved one were harmed by a vaping product associated with Juul Products or e-cigarettes, you should call the experienced Chicago-based product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group today.

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On Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, Altria Group Incorporated said they would pay to settle cases related to Juul and the teen vaping epidemic associated with the company. They have been said to have agreed to $235 million dollars to settle the cases related to Juul and teen vaping. They claim the settlement is to avoid the strain and expense of the legal process, but others say the settlement will provide great relief for the affected youth and parents involved. The lawsuits claim that Altria was involved in marketing sweet flavors that attracted the underage demographic. Juul has already settled cases regarding the adverse health effects and intentional branding the e-cigarettes have had on teenagers, but now Altria’s involvement and investment are also involved in the lawsuits. The deal is a pivotal step against Juul, which has faced litigation surrounding the issue of advertising and encouraging teen vaping.

You can read more about Altria’s Settlement with Juul using the link below: https://www.reuters.com/legal/altria-reaches-agreement-resolve-juul-related-cases-2023-05-10/

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