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Recall of Kubota Utility Vehicles

gmc-yukon-truck-wheel-g5fa0c537f_640-300x200Utility vehicles are motorized four-wheeled vehicles used for recreation and driving on rough terrain. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation for being dangerous. Many utility vehicle accidents have resulted in fatalities due to defects in the vehicle. Recently, the Kubota utility vehicle was recalled using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s fast track process. The recall is being conducted because the floor mats on certain models of the Kubota utility vehicle were found to degrade and warp, and thereby present a danger of interfering with the throttle pedals. If you were injured as the result of a defective Kubota utility vehicle or another utility vehicle, you should give our experienced Chicago product liability lawyers a call. We represent clients around the country who have been harmed by dangerously defective vehicles.

In order to participate in the CPSC’s fast track process, a company needs to be ready to put in place a corrective action plan. This includes a consumer-level recall, such as a replacement, repair, or refund. It needs to be within 20 working days of the initial report of the defect to the CPSC. Sale and distribution of the utility vehicle must stop. In this case, the Kubota was sold around the country from April 2013 through September 2021 for between $21,300 and $22,950.

In order to figure out whether your vehicle was affected, you should check the model number on the data plate on the side of the unit. The recent recall concerns the base model Kubota RTV-X1100C Utility Vehicle. Certain models that have been recalled may include an additional letter after the “C” in the model number. Serial numbers run from 10001 – 67546. If you are a consumer with this vehicle, you should stop using it and get in touched with an authorized dealer.

The dealer will provide you with a replacement floormat that should be secured by rivets to the vehicle floor. However, if your car’s mat isn’t warped or degraded, it will simply be modified. The dealer will trim it and secure it as it would with a new mat.

So far, Kubota has gotten a single report that a consumer has experienced a loss of control. As a result, there were black eyes and bruising.

Product Liability Lawsuits Arising Out of Utility Vehicles

When you are injured in a utility vehicle due to the vehicle’s own defect, such as a defective floor mat, you may wonder whether you have any recourse. You may be able to bring a product liability lawsuit.

Utility vehicles can be defective in terms of their manufacturing, design, or marketing. If the floor mat is warping such that it blocks the throttle, it is likely that there is a manufacturing or design defect.


If we can establish the liability of a utility vehicle’s manufacturer, we can recover damages to make up for your injuries. These can include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium. When someone dies as the result of a utility vehicle accident, it may be appropriate to sue the manufacturer for wrongful death damages.

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