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african-american-1180847_640Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal and several other companies. She alleges that hair straightening products put her at increased risk of uterine cancer and asked for monetary damages and the cost of medical monitoring. In the research studies that support the case, the link between hair relaxers and uterine cancer was strongest among black women. It is believed that the recently filed lawsuit is one of many potential suits to come that involve companies that misled women about the safety of hair relaxers to increase profits. If you developed uterine cancer because of a hair relaxer, you should give the seasoned Chicago-based lawyers of Moll Law Group.

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The plaintiff in the case that was recently filed was 32-year old Jenny Mitchell who is a woman of color that started getting hair relaxers around third grade when she was age 8. The complaint alleges her uterine cancer was both directly and legally caused by long-term and regular exposure to chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system, including phthalates. She used chemical straightening products between 2000-2022 and is asking for compensation of more than $75,000. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2018 and had to undergo a full hysterectomy, as a result of which she cannot bear a child. She does not have a known family history of uterine cancer.

In connection with her lawsuit, she said that most young African American girls are introduced to chemical hair straighteners as young girls. She alleged that society has made straight hair the norm; many people feel pressured to straighten their hair and use hair relaxers. Black and Latina women who don’t straighten their hair may experience workplace discrimination, and that further incentivizes the use of dangerous relaxers.

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