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woman-g233a70add_640-300x200The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced Fitbit’s March 2, 2022 recall of its Iconic smart watches due to the risk of burn injuries. The company found that the lithium-ion battery in its smartwatch may overheat. Around 1 million affected Fitbits have been sold around the country. The remedy if you have this smartwatch, is a refund. However, if you were burned by a Fitbit or any other smart watch, you should consult the seasoned Chicago-based product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group about whether you have grounds to sue for damages. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved.

Call the Product Liability Lawyers of the Moll Law Group About a Defective Smartwatch

The smartwatches involved in the recall are the Fitbit Iconic Smartwatches, which are sold with a polyurethane band and that have a 1.4 inch color LCD screen. Watches are sold in different colors including combinations that feature smoke gray, burnt around, ink blue, silver gray, and slate blue. One of them is cobranded with Adidas. The smartwatch tracks sleep, heart rate, and activity. The recalled Iconic smart watch has a model number, FB503, printed on the back of the device close to where the band connects to the watch.

The company has received at least 115 reports in America, as well as 59 reports from around the world that the battery overheats. Seventy-eight people have reported burn injuries in America; these included 2 reports of third-degree burns and 4 reports of second-degree burns. There have been 40 reports of burn injuries across the globe.

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hairdresser-gf51ec0d83_640-e1646839051297BrushX hot air brushes were recalled on February 17, 2022 due to the risks of electrocution or shock. If you were left with injuries due to electrocution or shock from a BrushX hot air brush, you should consult the experienced Chicago-based product liability lawyers of the Moll Law Group about whether you have grounds to sue for damages. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved. When you’ve been harmed by a large company, it’s wise to pursue product liability lawsuits with a lawyer who understands how to mount a strong case for clients.

Give the Product Liability Lawyers of the Moll Law Group A Call

The BrushX hot air brushes were recalled because they weren’t designed with an immersion protection device. That means if you use the brush and it falls into water over your sink or bathtub while it’s plugged in, you could be electrocuted or shocked. Around 100,000 hot air brushes were affected by the recall: the BrushX One (the Styler, Dryer & Volumizer), as well as the BrushX Gen.2 hot air brushes.

The brushes in question have been sold in both black and combinations of black and pink. A “not waterproof” symbol marks the back of the brush.

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baby-g909db3e6f_640-e1646267137939Recently, Abbot Nutrition expanded its recall of baby formula after a second baby died from infection after consuming the formula Abbot Nutrition’s Similac PM 60/40 with a lot code 27032K800. Four reports of Cronobacter sakazakii infection have been reported in connection with products from the plant. If your baby was harmed, hospitalized, or died because of its consumption of Abbot Nutrition’s Similac, you should call the experienced Chicago-based product liability lawyers of the Moll Law Group about whether you have a claim against the manufacturer. Similac PM is specifically intended for infants that are helped by lowered mineral intake; the specific formula in question wasn’t included in a prior, February 17 recall for lots of Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare, powdered formulas, that were also produced at the same plant. No parent should have to go through the anguish of a baby who dies because of a formula that should have been safe.

Call the Seasoned Product Liability Lawyers of Moll Law Group About Your Lawsuit

The FDA has updated its website to investigate another illness due to another Cronobacter sakazakii, which is a rare and dangerous bacteria that causes serious medical complications, including blood infections.  A child died after hospitalization and an infection with this germ may have contributed to his death. He had consumed Similac before becoming infected. While four infections involving Cronobacter sakazakii were reported to the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a Salmonella Newport infection was also reported alongside the outbreak. The five infants who became sick were all hospitalized. Two died.

Following the second baby’s death, Abbott Nutrition recalled the powdered formula the baby had consumed. To determine whether you are using a lot of powdered formula that has been recalled, you can look at the 7-9 digit code and expiration at the bottom of the package. Take a look at whether the first two digits of the code are 22 -67, the code contains Z2, SH, or K8, and the expiration date is April 1st or later. You can type in the code on the bottom of your package at Similacrecall.com to make sure it’s part of the recall.

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eyes-gdebe702c9_640-e1644292120741Elmiron is a drug for bladder pain manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and other parties for eye damages. If you suffered injuries due to Elmiron, you may have a claim that should be part of In Re: Elmiron MDL No. 2973. Recently, another lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who was injured after she was prescribed and used Elmiron. If you were harmed by Elmiron, you may be able to file a lawsuit for damages you’re your case may be joined to the MDL. You should consult the seasoned Chicago product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group about whether you have grounds to sue. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved. We represent consumers around the country.

Call Moll Law Group if You Believe You Have an Elmiron Claim

The most recent product liability lawsuit arising out of Elmiron was filed on January 10, 2022, but it has joined more than 600 other lawsuits in multidistrict litigation in multidistrict litigation in New Jersey federal court. These lawsuits are being pursued on behalf of those who were prescribed Elmiron for their interstitial cystitis and believe they experienced retina damage and visions problems as a result. Interstitial cystitis triggers chronic bladder pain.

The most recent lawsuit alleges that Janssen became cognizant of the vision problems associated with Elmiron shortly after it came onto the market in 1996, which, if true, means they continued to sell the drug long after they knew it had harmful side effects.

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doctor-g64d60a972_640-e1644291190381The FDA has issued a Class 1 recall, which is the most serious kind of recall, for HawkOne Directional Atherectomy Systems. When a Class 1 recall is issued, it is because using the recalled device may cause death or severe injuries. If you were injured or a loved one was killed because of the HawkOne Directional Atherectomy System, you may have grounds to sue and should contact the experienced Chicago-based product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group about whether you have a viable claim. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved.

Give Moll Law Group a Call About HawkOne Directional Atherectomy Systems Injuries

The HawkOne Directional Atherectomy System is used by surgeons to improve blood flow during procedures. Made up of a catheter and cutter driver, it is used to take out blockages that occur in peripheral arteries. Unfortunately, when it is used forcefully, there is a risk of the guidewire inside the catheter shifting down or prolapsing, which can result in the tip of the catheter breaking away or separating. This can then result in significant adverse events such as an arterial dissection in which the inside wall of the artery is torn. The tip breaking off can also decrease blood flow resulting in arterial rupture or ischemia. When there are blood vessel complications, further procedures may need to be conducted to catch and take out the tip that has detached. Sometimes the tip migrates, creating further complications.

Medtronic sent an Urgent Medical Device Notice letter to consumers on December 6, 2021, because it has already received 163 complaints about the device. While no deaths have been reported, there have been 55 injuries so far. Prior to the recall, consumers and health care providers were asked to share the information with anyone at the practice or organization who needs to be aware of this problem, or to any other organization where the product has been sent. Health care providers were asked to review instructions. Even so, injuries and deaths may have occurred as a result of the defective device.

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stomach-pain-gee79c2f12_640-e1644290768305Hernia mesh is a medical device commonly placed by surgeons in the area around a hernia in order to support damaged tissue during the healing process. Nine out of 10 hernia surgeries each year involves the mesh. Unfortunately, complications such as bowel obstructions and perforation, sometimes do arise once the mesh is placed, and patients may need additional surgery to remove the mesh, as well as extensive medical care when that happens. A recent study asked whether synthetic mesh is better than biologic mesh at reducing a 2-year risk of hernia recurrence when a single stage repair of ventral hernias is made. The findings tend to support the use of synthetic mesh rather than biologic hernia mesh because synthetic mesh entails lower costs and recurrences. If you were injured by hernia mesh, you should call the seasoned Chicago product liability lawyers of Moll Law Group. Billions have been recovered in cases with which we’ve been involved.

Give Moll Law Group a Call About Your Hernia Mesh Claim

Injured consumers have filed at least 14,827 lawsuits against Bard and 3596 lawsuits against Ethicon. They are consolidated in multidistrict litigation. In the recent study, a multicenter randomized clinical trial, 253 patients were randomized to synthetic mesh and biologic mesh. At two years, the follow-up rate was 92%. Synthetic mesh majorly reduced the risk of hernia recurrence and did more in that regard than biologic mesh when a patient was going through single stage repair of ventral hernias.

The study noted that biologic mesh is usually used to reinforce contaminated ventral hernia repairs but is expensive and associated with high rates of long-term recurrence of hernias. Synthetic mesh costs less and may be able to do the same thing, but its efficacy in contaminated hernia cases hadn’t previously been subjected to rigorous study.

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woman-1845311_640-e1633453576734Fall Hazards with Antigravity Chairs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced Kohl’s recall of SONOMA Goods For Life-branded Ultimate Oversized Antigravity Chairs. Kohl’s stores sold the chairs from January 2019- June 2021 for around $240. The chairs come in various colors. They are built with aluminum frames and legs, fabric backs, and removable head pillows fixed in place with Velcro. A tag is sewed into the fabric on the chair’s seat. Consumers were told to stop using recalled chairs and return them to the store. If you were injured in a fall due to an antigravity chair, you should discuss what happened with the experienced Chicago product liability attorneys of the Moll Law Group. Billions of dollars have been recovered in litigation with which we’ve been involved.

Fall Hazards Arising Out of Antigravity Chairs

Prior to the recall, there were 18 reports made to Kohl’s of the antigravity chairs breaking or collapsing. In two instances, users received minor injuries. As a consumer, you should stop using the recalled antigravity chairs immediately and bring them back to the store. If you have a receipt, you can get a full refund. You will get store credit if you don’t have a receipt.

Product Liability Lawsuits

If you were injured in an antigravity chair, you may be able to recover damages. Each state follows its own rules regarding which theories may be used to pursue damages. Product liability lawsuits tend to be complex, which is why it is critical to retain a lawyer with experience in this practice area.

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